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Angel Babies

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Angel Babies Foundation provides free counselling and information to individuals and families across Australia experiencing anxiety, grief or loss related to infertilty, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, perinatal death, stillbirth, premature birth or neonatal death.

We are committed to providing education and resources aimed at improving the physical health and wellbeing of Australians before, during and after pregnancy; reducing risks in pregnancy; and improving the mental health outcomes for individuals and families touched by baby loss and infertility.

Top Motorcycle Insurance

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One of the most common annual bills that you can seldom escape is motorcycle insurance. However, the cost of renewing your insurance policy or the process of getting a more affordable one is never completely out of hand. There are several strategies that you can leverage on to cut your insurance costs.

Boost your Motorbike’s Security

Motorcycle thefts in United States account for close to 40 percent of all motorbike insurance claims. Using reputed security devices such as immobilizer or alarm systems, therefore, may not only act as deterrent to potential motorbike thieves, but can also go a long way in lowering your motorcycle insurance premiums by up to 10 percent.

Additionally, keeping your bike in a secured garage rather than your yard could also reduce your premiums. If you aren’t sure about the integrity and security level of your shed, you can check with a local security expert before you begin scouting for Youi motorcycle insurance policies.

Avoid Unnecessary Modifications

A bike with lots of modifications will attract more premiums as they are considered by most insurance companies to be more expensive to replace or repair and attract more bike thieves. Imported and unusual bikes—that may not be available in the same guise as other normal bikes in your country—are also problematic as they tend to attract higher motorcycle insurance premiums.
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Prove your Experience

Many motorcycle insurance companies often give discount to riders who are well trained and certified—riders who have passed recognized motorcycle safety courses. When calculating risks, many insurance companies not only looks at your driving record (speeding tickets and accidents) but also your riding time and experience. The more experienced you are, the lower the risk and the cost of your insurance premiums.

Increase Your Deductibles

The more risk you are willing to bear, the lower your premiums will be. A higher deductible implies that you will pay a bigger percentage of any loss, hence low insurance premium costs. Assuming $1000 deductible, for instance, will greatly reduce your premiums.

Spread Your Premium Costs

Paying in installments instead of one lump sum is also another great way of breaking your premiums into manageable payments. Although it will not lower your motorcycle insurance costs per se, spreading your cost throughout the year often provides a good platform to plan your finances.

Go For Affordable Motorbike Cover Type

Depending on your financial situation, you can also consider other motorcycle insurance policies with lower and affordable levels of cover such as fire and theft or third party—especially if you own a motorbike that’s not worth a lot of money. Nonetheless, always strive to go through the policy’s terms and conditions to clearly understand what will be covered and what be left out. Again, it is important to remember that third party polices provide lower levels of cover and might not be cheaper in the long run.


Strategies and opportunities that you can leverage on to cut your motorcycle insurance premiums are all around you. You only need to do a little research on the favorable cost cutting options that can yield big savings going forward.